What is the world like in 2144? 

Nations are no more. A unified government oversees the world's population. Extraterrestrial habitation has already been conceived with colonies on the Moon, Mars, and the Saturn moon of Titan.  Many companies now mine asteroids for extraterrestrial metals. 

As the world has developed with each year, the quality of life has improved, much like every other year before. Now with a centralized government that increase has scaled even more so. Access to healthcare, education, and civil services is seen as an unalienable right. Crime is almost non-existent. War and violent political conflicts are unheard of. Famine is only read about in history books. As are power shortages, water crises. Disease and illness while not unheard of is rare and treated in an efficient manner. Policies on human mental health and pharmaceuticals are constructed to only be in the interest of the well being of the user. 
Government oversight is a must.

The Government controls much of the trade as it concerns the needs of people, but is not without it's own private competition. Corporations still make fortunes producing commodity items, and the mega corporations give a aesthetic to needed consumer goods that appeal to many people not looking for the conservative utilitarian designs (though pleasant enough) of their governmental counterparts. 





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